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About Ravi Singh

"Two things about me:

  • I LOVE to work with people who have a BIG Dream!

  • And a bigger stage than me - so they can take these magical teaching further into the World, and bring more healing & happiness!" - Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh Hi-Flow Celebrity Mindset Coach l About Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Hi-Flow Celebrity Mindset Coach

Meet Ravi Singh: Your Celebrity Mindset Coach

Meet Ravi Singh. If you were to ask Ravi what makes him unique, he would tell you countless stories of his life with his Master. Ravi has been a disciple of a magical Master of Indian meditation at the highest level, known as a 'Santh'. In the West, we have little understanding of these individuals. They are evolved souls that can be thought of as Enlightened Masters, capable of manifesting anything, instantly! There is no higher level than a 'Santh'; they vibrate at a frequency that aligns them with the Creator. They live on Earth just as we do, but they transcend the physical, material life—they are Light. Ravi Singh often says, "I’m just like any other Santa Monica-born dude, and then came along my Master and Magic entered this kid, me."

When clients work with Ravi Singh, they gain access to this extraordinary knowledge through his experiences with his Master. His stories serve as the guiding method for his mindset coaching. These experiences have shaped Ravi’s approach to coaching high-profile business leaders and Hollywood elites, focusing on creating luck and manifesting success in all areas of life.

Why Choose Ravi Singh?

The Power of Master’s Teachings: Manifesting Good Fortune

Ravi Singh's journey is extraordinary, shaped by over 31 years as a disciple of a magical Indian Master. This relationship offers a rare connection to profound teachings on manifesting luck and success. Clients working with Ravi gain unique insights into these ancient practices, which are designed to unlock their full potential. Through personalized mindset coaching, Ravi brings the essence of his Master’s teachings to Hollywood’s elite, offering an unparalleled opportunity to harness the power of luck and transform their lives.

Super Conscious Connection

Ravi’s coaching transcends traditional methods by incorporating the concept of super conscious connection. This technique enables clients to align their goals with their true purpose, resulting in a more fulfilling and successful life. It’s about tapping into a deeper level of consciousness to achieve extraordinary results.

Expertise and Experience

With over 31 years of experience, Ravi Singh has developed a profound understanding of the challenges faced by celebrities and high-profile individuals. His expertise in metaphysical meditation allows him to offer stress relief techniques that not only alleviate immediate stress but also build long-term resilience.

Personalized Coaching

Every individual is unique, and so is Ravi's approach. He offers personalized coaching sessions that align with the specific needs and goals of each client. This tailored approach ensures that clients achieve a harmonious balance between their career aspirations and personal well-being.

Holistic Approach

Ravi’s holistic approach integrates meditation, breathwork, and the highest forms of yoga to provide a comprehensive coaching experience. This ensures that clients not only reach their professional goals but also enhance their overall well-being.

Success Stories

Ravi Singh has a track record of success, having worked with numerous celebrities who have navigated the pressures of fame while maintaining their mental health and well-being. His clients include top actors, musicians, and executives who have thrived under his guidance.

Join the Ranks of Successful Celebrities

Are you ready to transform your life with the guidance of Ravi Singh? Embrace the journey towards a mindset that empowers and uplifts. Discover how Ravi’s unique coaching techniques can help you achieve your goals and find inner peace. Learn how lucky breaks have often shaped the lives of our most celebrated celebrities, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Get Started Today

Ready to unlock your true potential? Contact us today to schedule your first session with Ravi Singh and start your journey towards success and fulfillment.

Why Hire Ravi Singh

Why Ravi Singh

... is Your Best Choice in just 3 words: 

1. Immediately   2. Effortlessly   3. Faster

Celebrity Mindset Coaching by Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Hi-Flow Celebrity Mindset Coach

  1. Experience the Resonance, IMMEDIATELY

    • THINK OF MUSIC - Imagine a seasoned, well-experienced pianist playing the piano near you. As the piano plays, you instantly feel the effects of the vibration from the bass tones and melody to MOVE YOU.

  2. Feel Your Mind Open Up, EFFORTLESSLY

    • Similarly, in Ravi's executive coaching sessions, you can feel Ravi's meditated waves within a few minutes, causing your body and mind to relax and open up. This helps you achieve high-flow mind-states, allowing you to observe your challenges and goals from this perspective.

  3. Create Your Solutions, FASTER

    • Ravi then helps you gently analyze and create a path from your challenges to your solutions. This unique approach, where you benefit from the meditative resonance and heightened flow state facilitated by Ravi, is why having Ravi Singh as your life coach or executive coach is your best choice. 

A Transformative Experience


Working with Ravi is a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional coaching methods, leveraging Ravi's extensive meditation practice to unlock your potential and clarity.


Who better to guide you in unlocking the power of your mind?


A seasoned meditation expert with over 30 years of experience and an impressive pedigree?

Learn more about my Grandmaster here

Let's Take a Journey


... and see  3 MAGICAL Grandmaster, and me

Impressive Pedigree:

Impressive Pedigree: Embrace the Legacy of Enlightenment Ravi Singh's Master's early days standing behind his Enlightened Masters

Mastering the Metaphysical

VIP Executive Coaching in Beverly Hills | Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh's Enlightened Master

Requires a profound connection to a lineage of Masters, BrahmGiani Sants—an esteemed lineage of metaphysical masters revered for their extraordinary abilities. These rare beings transcend the bounds of conventional wisdom, wielding powers beyond comprehension to heal, enlighten, and guide those who seek their wisdom.

VIP Executive Coaching in Beverly Hills | Ravi Singh

Unlocking the Unthinkable ​ In a world where true mastery is a rare commodity, Ravi's Master is a living testament to the transformative power of disciplined practice and unwavering dedication—a guide whose insights and wisdom are beyond compare.

Resonance of Enlightenment

Immerse yourself in the profound resonance of the relationship between Ravi and his Master — a BrahmGiani Sant - and witness a bond forged in the crucible of intense spiritual practice given to Ravi by his Enlightened Master. As you bear witness to this journey, imagine the echoes of this wisdom reverberate within you, awakening dormant potentials and illuminating hidden truths.


I use my                   years of advanced meditation experience to facilitate powerful 1 on 1 mindset coaching sessions to help you accomplish these mindset shifts!"

Experience Breakthroughs with Ravi Singh's Enlightened Executive Coaching

Pictures of Master, with Ravi Singh through the years.

Let’s Work Together

Ready to unlock your true potential? Contact us today to schedule your first session with Ravi Singh and start your journey towards success and fulfillment.

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Ravi Singh

Hi-Flow Celebrity Mindset Coach


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